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Brazil's top-10 tourist destinations

Electing the best destinations in Brazil is not a simple task, especially when there are so many paradises to choose from. It would be unfair if we made that ranking ourselves. Therefore, in the face of such responsibility, the results were computed based on the votes of more than 25.000 travellers, considering trips carried out by them in 2019 or the previous year.

How to get a CPF

The Individual Taxpayer Registration, known as the Cadastro Pessoa Física (CPF), is the registration of foreigners in the Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal). This document facilitates the taxable life of the carrier, allowing the payment of taxes, the opening of bank accounts and the realization of financial investments.

Work visa

The work visa for foreigners in Brazil allows the hiring of a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity and employment. Work visa with an employment contract can be up to two years, and request for extension of the same period or more years to change the temporary visa into permanent is possible.

Investor visa

Getting an investor visa allows a foreigner to live and work permanently in Brazil. If you have at least R$500,000 to invest in Brazil, you can apply for an investor visa, which will allow you to invest in real estate, start a business or invest in an existing Brazilian company.

Family reunion visa

To request residence in Brazil it is necessary to fit into the hypotheses provided for by the Brazilian government. One of the simplest ways to get permanence in Brazil is by family reunion, either through the visa or the residence permit. This modality is a right to both the resident migrant and the Brazilian who has foreign ties.

How to send money to Brazil

Sending money to Brazil is more complex than most foreign citizens might expect. Brazil has a history of extreme regulation of money entering and leaving the country. Commercial banks in Brazil such as Bradesco and Itaú may take weeks to release funds until clients have provided many documents required and their slow currency exchange departments have thoroughly reviewed these documents.

Citizenship through naturalization

Applying for citizenship is the most complex and delicate step for anyone who wishes to legally live in Brazil. It’s important to comprehend that the concession of Brazilian citizenship to a foreigner means that the applicant will have right not only to his/her original nationality but also to the Brazilian one, being it temporary or permanent.

How to extend your tourist visa

When travelling to Brazil on a tourist visa, a question that commonly arises for foreigners who really liked the country or developed some form of attachment to it, is the following: Is it possible to stay in the country as a tourist for more than the standard 90 days?

Best places to live in Brazil

Dealing with changes is a task that requires the analysis of several factors, especially when moving to a new country. Most likely the cost of living will be one of the conditions you will take into account before making any decision, but also factors such as work, education, healthcare, safety and transportation are certainly a priority.

Typical Brazilian foods

What is typical Brazilian food? This may be a question you've asked yourself at some point. After all, Brazil is a country of continental proportions and with such a varied gastronomy, it is indeed difficult to objectively define an answer to this question. This is because there are many different styles arising from the cultural influences Brazil received throughout its social formation.

Backpacking / travel routes

Often thought of as a separate part of South America entirely, Brazil is by far the largest country on the continent covering over 47% of the landmass. It’s so big that it covers four different time zones! For sheer size reasons, Brazil can be a trip entirely on its own, but with a different language, culture and feel to the rest of South America it can seem like you are in a different continent altogether.

Portuguese proficiency test

As a general rule, you don’t need to speak Portuguese to visit Brazil, but having some knowledge of Portuguese will make your travel a lot easier. English is not widely spoken in Brazil, so you need to know some Portuguese to get around. But don’t let your lack of Portuguese stop you from going. Instead, let going to Brazil be the reason you start learning Portuguese.

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