How to extend your tourist visa

Published on October 17, 2021

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When travelling to Brazil on a tourist visa, a question that commonly arises for foreigners who really liked the country or developed some form of attachment to it, is the following: Is it possible to stay in the country as a tourist for more than the standard 90 days?

The answer to this question may vary depending on which country the foreigner is from. Based on the international principle of reciprocity, the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations has set rules for each country concerning holders of official and diplomatic passports, as well as holders of ordinary passports interested in applying for business and tourist visas.

How long can I stay in Brazil?

A tourist visa allows you to stay for 90 days in Brazil. In some circumstances, if you want to stay longer, you might be able to extend it for another 90 days whilst in Brazil. After you leave Brazil, you are allowed to come back after 90 days, and you will have the right to stay for 90 more days. The general rule is 90 days in and 90 days out, being 90 days per 180 day time period.

If your country is on the list of countries allowed to extend their stay in Brazil for another 90 days, you must go to a Federal Police station and request the extension of your visa before the initial 90 days expire, otherwise it is possible to be fined for overstaying and even face deportation.

Steps to extend your tourist visa

Through the Federal Police website you can make an appointment, as well as verify, through their general framework of visa regime form, if your country of residence is allowed an extension.

Applicants will need to fill in a form called "guia de recolhimento da união" and present it during their appointment with the Federal Police. You will also need to generate an invoice from their website, pay it at a "Loterias" office and bring the receipt to your appointment.

The following documents will need to be presented:

– Filled in visa extension form;

– Valid travel document: passport / identity card (for Mercosur citizens and associated states);

– Entry and exit form, received and filled out upon arrival in the country;

– Proof of payment of the fee;

– Other documents and proof that the immigration agent deems necessary (proof of lodging place, proof of means of subsistence within the period in which you intend to stay in the country, return ticket, etc.).

Rights & restrictions

Many foreigners fall in love with Brazil and decide to stay a little longer. Many try to work as a language teacher or other informal job to earn some money while staying in Brazil longer. However, it is illegal to work in Brazil under a tourist visa. If you want to work, you must apply for a Brazilian work visa.

You can also change from a tourist visa to a student visa. You need to be enrolled in an elligible University program or Portuguese course, and registered with the Federal Police. You need to get a full background check, get your documents (including birth certificate) apostilled and translated into Portuguese, and sent to Brazil.

The University or Language School can guide you through this process and help you with the documents needed for you to get a student visa in Brazil.

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