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Published on October 11, 2021

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The work visa for foreigners in Brazil allows the hiring of a foreigner to engage in remunerated activity and employment. Work visa with an employment contract can be up to two years, and request for extension of the same period or more years to change the temporary visa into permanent is possible.

Working in Brazil is a privilege, not a right. Applicants seeking work in Brazil must be sponsored by a Brazilian employer. Requirements must be met by both the employer and the applicant. A work permit process is to be submitted by the Brazilian sponsoring company to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor for analysis. On average, if approved, it takes 30-90 days to obtain a work permit approval.

General rules

VITEM-V (paid work visa) are issued to a foreign citizen travelling to Brazil to work:

A – as a foreign employee of a Brazilian company;

B – in a temporary employment in the Brazilian Government under an employment agreement or resulting from an international agreement subscribed by Brazil;

C – as a trainee after the completion of university or professional studies, provided that he/she is not employed by a company or institution in Brazil;

D – as a teacher for a training stage in the teaching of foreign languages;

E – as a crewmember of a tourist ship operating in Brazilian waters;

F – in the framework of a contract for transfer of technology or provision of technical assistance or under a technical cooperation agreement between a Brazilian and a foreign company or institution, provided that he/she is not employed by a Brazilian company or institution;

G - in the framework of technical assistance, provided that he/she is not employed by a Brazilian company or institution, for a period of less than 90 days;

H – as a crewmember of a foreign ship operating in Brazilian waters under a service or risk contract between a Brazilian and a foreign company or institution;

I – as a crewmember of a foreign fishing ship leased by a Brazilian company;

J – as a dependant of a VITEM-V visa holder or of an applicant under one of the categories above, as defined by the pertinent resolution of the Brazilian National Immigration Council;

L – as a professor, high level technician/researcher or scientist under an employment agreement to work for institutions in Brazil dedicated to teaching or research in science and technology.

In all categories above, the visa application and the pertinent documentation must be lodged firstly in Brazil by the employer with the Brazilian Ministry of Labour and Employment (MTE).

Requirements to obtain a work visa in Brazil

Each Brazil work permit has its own requirements, including the VITEM V visa. Employees must have two years of relevant professional experience in the field in which they're being hired and at least nine years of education or:

– A relevant university degree and one year of professional experience;

– No professional experience with a relevant post-graduate degree.

Employees cannot apply for a work visa until they have a temporary or permanent residence visa. They will also need to have a job lined up since a prospective employer must start the application process. If the individual changes jobs throughout their time in Brazil, they will have to apply for a new permit.

Typically, Brazil gives out temporary work visas and residence permits first. Temporary permits usually last up to two years and can be reissued once. After those four years, an employer can apply to switch the temporary permits to permanent options that allow employees to live and work in Brazil.

Required documents

1 – Passports presented must be original, valid for at least six months prior to expiration date and must have at least two blank visa pages;

2 - One recent 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm (pasfoto) photograph, front view;

3 – One visa application form per person;

4 - Certificate of good behavior (international model) issued by the Ministry of Justice certifying absence of criminal record – only valid within 90 days after issuance, apostilled;

5 - Birth certificate (international model), legalized or apostilled.

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