Family reunion visa

Published on October 12, 2021

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To request residence in Brazil it is necessary to fit into the hypotheses provided for by the Brazilian government. One of the simplest ways to get permanence in Brazil is by family reunion, either through the visa or the residence permit. This modality is a right to both the resident migrant and the Brazilian who has foreign ties.

Who can request this type of visa

The family reunion may be requested for certain family members who are financially dependent on the 'caller', that is, the resident or Brazilian migrant.

The following may require a visa based on family reunion:

– The spouse or companion. In this case they are considered people who have a marriage or stable union with a Brazilian or a migrant resident;

– Child of a Brazilian or immigrant beneficiary of a residence permit;

– Foreigner who has a Brazilian child;

– Ascendants, descendants to the second degree or siblings of a Brazilian or immigrant beneficiary of a residence permit;

– Any migrant that has a Brazilian under its tutelage, curate or guard.

Note that the immigrant who has residency in Brazil based on family reunion, can not call another migrant by family reunion. For example, an immigrant that has recidency based on family reunion through marriage with a Brazilian, can not be the person with whom another immigrant can enter into a family reunion visa.

Length & restrictions

The temporary visa for family reunion will be valid for one year. The immigrant who is a holder of a temporary visa through family reunion must register with the Federal Police within 90 days after their entry in the national territory, at which the validity of the residence period will be noted.

Those who are already in the country and wish to formalize the migratory regularization on the basis of family reunion, may submit an application for a residence permit at one of the units of the Federal Police, presenting the documents required by the ordinance. Validity is usually 9 years once residency is granted, but it depends on what kind of family reunion was made. In general, through family reunion with a Brazilian the duration is permanent, while for the family reunion with an immmigrant beneficiary of a residence permit, the duration is the same of their residence validity.

It is important to note that although the residence is permanent, it is necessary to renew the document based on its validity indicated on the National Migration Registration Card (CRNM). The immigrant who receives a residence permit based on family reunion may engage in any activity in the country, including paid work, under the current legislation.

Required documents

Documents required from the Brazilian citizen or Brazilian permanent resident (dependant):

1 – Copy of the Brazilian ID or the Brazilian permanent resident card of the head of the family in Brazil; when the original document is not shown, a copy of the original document must be legalized by a Public Notary in Brazil;

If the dependant is Brazilian, the required document is the “Carteira de Identidade Civil” – RG or valid passport.

If the dependant is a resident alien, the required document is the “Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratória" (CRNM).

2 – Term of responsibility: statement assuming responsibility for the applicant’s maintenance in Brazil.

Documents required from the applicant:

3 – Passports presented must be original, valid for at least six months prior to expiration date. The passport must have at least two blank visa pages;

4 – One recent 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm (pasfoto) photograph, front view;

5 – Visa application form;

6 - Certificate/declaration of marriage or stable union/equivalent document:

Marriage registration issued by a Brazilian Consulate or by a notary public in Brazil. The international marriage certificate must be either apostilled by the competent authorities of the issuing country or legalized by the Brazilian Consulate located in the country that issued them.

Stable union contract: issued by a Brazilian Public Notary (in Brazil) or an international model bearing an “Apostille”.

7 - Certificate of good behavior (international model) issued by the Ministry of Justice certifying absence of criminal record – only valid within 90 days after issuance, apostilled;

8 - Birth Certificate.

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